6 Steps to Lasting Peace Now That Your Divorce is Done!

How You Can Find Lasting Peace After Divorce

"It's finally done. And I don't feel better." 

Have you said something like that? Yuck! 

You may feel a little better once in a while, but why doesn't that peace last? 

It doesn't have anything to do with the kind of divorce you had. 

It could have been amicable.

It could have been painful and messy. 

It doesn't have anything to do with how long it took to complete. 

It could have been long and drawn out, or it could have been quick and uncomplicated. 

It doesn't have anything to do with why you got divorced. And to be honest it had very little to do with your ex-partner. 

This isn't to diminish your experience. 

It's simply to state that your peace comes from YOU. And this means YOU can and get to bring that peace back into your life.


  • There are 6 very clear steps to take in order to bring that peace in and to keep it.

  • As you move through each step you'll be able to feel the impact.

  • You will gain more understanding of who you are, where you are, and where you WANT to go from here.

In just 10-minutes...the time it takes to read my booklet...you can begin to identify and design your path to peace. 

Many people have wanted to find lasting peace after divorce, and now I'm sharing it. 

Instead of joining me as a client family member and investing $5,000+ to work with me directly, I decided to share some foundational steps in a short booklet. 

And I want to gift you this booklet today... 6 Steps to Lasting Peace Now That Your Divorce is Done!How You Can Find Lasting Peace After Divorce

Here's just a fraction of what you're going to discover:

  • Understand where you are right now.

  • Unearth what's keeping you there.

  • Define what peace is for YOU.

  • How to expand and grow your peace consistently.

  • Get clear on the impact peace will have on your life, and those around you.

I created this booklet as a way to make a difference with as many women as possible who are starting over again. 

Are you ready for more peace? 

Velma Gallant

PS. Peace is a very individual thing. Your definition will be distinctive and personal to you. 

PPS. I'm sharing what really works. It's worked for me and is working for my clients.  You can see below what some of my clients are saying. 

PPPS. Request your free copy of the booklet right now!

Here is what my clients say!

Velma Gallant has proven herself to be a caring and authentic professional whom I hold in high regard. As a result of working with Velma, I have been able to overcome self-doubt that was holding me back after my divorce. Through Velma's guidance, I have learned to trust myself on the path of my reinvention. Velma is a true professional and I can confidently recommend her to help any woman who is navigating the post-divorce phase and wondering "so, now what?" It is a tough journey. I am glad that I am not going it alone. Thanks, Velma!

Denise LePage Richards, Founder, IndiGo Creative Coaching 

Prior to working with Velma, I hated waking up each morning knowing I wasn’t valued. I was completely miserable and burned out. I quit my job as it felt like the only thing I could do to preserve my wellbeing. As time passed, I procrastinated more and more in my job search, because my fear of rejection had me stuck. I believed it was impossible to have a job I love. As a direct result of working with Velma, I eliminated the limiting beliefs that held me locked in a deep pattern of procrastination and fear. I now have my dream job! Through working with Velma I was able to allow this to Manifest is a way I never would have expected or imagined. It's simply amazing! This position and career shift was created just for me! I am now heading down a new career path with a significant pay increase. I’m beyond excited about my future and so grateful!

Karolina Zajdler, BSc Psych, BSW, ERYT 500

Velma continually assists me in healing major trauma that I just couldn't make sense of. She pokes, encourages and treats me with exactly what I need in the tough moments. She is helping me to find hope...haven't had that in a very long time.


Ready To Find Peace After Your Divorce?

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